Retail wholesale terms and conditions

  • Won By One Bible Study (WBO) will provide, upon application and approval of a wholesale status, wholesale pricing to individual persons, individual businesses, individual churches or ministries.  Wholesale pricing will not be negotiable, but will be determined by WBO for all of its products.  A wholesale customer will receive a 30% or better discount on product purchases from WBO.
  • Products purchased at wholesale may be resold at the retail price advertised by WBO, but not less than the wholesale price received by the wholesale customer.
  • To receive wholesale pricing, there is a minimum order determined by WBO per product.  For WBO books, the minimum order is 50 books of any combination of language available in print by WBO.
  • Payment will be made through PayPal whether from a PayPal account, PayPal Credit or debit/credit card processed through the PayPal payment gateway.  Wholesale items will be shipped within 7 business days of funds clearing.  Quicker forms of shipping than that which WBO normally uses may be available, but the wholesale customer will incur the cost.
  • Wholesale reorders may be done by logging into your wholesale account on the WBO site and completing your order there.
  • For damaged or defective product, please contact us about the damage or defect.
  • To handle a return or exchange of product see our returns policy.
  • Won By One Bible Study, Won By One logo, Won By One images and content are the sole property of Won By One Bible Study and may not be used without permission from WBO.  None of the content or images of WBO material may be digitally copied or dispersed without permission from WBO.  Upon request, WBO may provide at their sole discretion marketing materials for the wholesale customer.
  • WBO may provide wholesale pricing to the wholesale customer, which depends entirely upon the final use by the wholesale customer.  Thus, pricing may differ between individual personal use and individual retail use.
  • Interested in applying for a wholesale discount?  Then fill out and submit the following:

    Where would you use a wholesale price?

    If retailing, how do you sell?

    I have carefully read and accept the above Wholesale Terms and Conditions. By clicking, I agree to abide by the provisions set forth.