English Won By One Bible Study Course

Instructions For The Believer

Instructions for the Believer.  Once a person accepts Christ as their personal Savior, then it's time to learn foundational truths for the Christian's New Life.  Again, the discovery of biblical truths from the Bible instructs and establishes the believer.  Won By One Bible Study Course organizes biblical teaching into an easy to use format for the discipler.


Lesson 14--Assurance of Salvation

• How you can know that you possess eternal life. 


Lesson 15--Prayer

• The benefits and reasons for prayer.


Lesson 16--Temptation and Testing

• How to recognize and handle temptation and testing.


Lesson 17--The Christian Life of Victory

• Encouragement to realize that victory is possible.


Lesson 18--The Will and Guidance of God

• God does have a purpose and direction for life.


Lesson 19--Sanctification

• How God changes a person.


Lesson 20--Separation from Worldliness and False Teaching

• Developing a discerning lifestyle which pleases God.


Lesson 21--The Church

• Definition and makeup of the Body of Christ.


Lesson 22--Baptism and Communion

• Reasons these two ordinances are important.


Lesson 23--The Believer's Witness for Christ

• The expectation and practice of speaking up for Christ.


Lesson 24--The Won By One Method of Evangelism and Discipleship

• Congrats, you've finished!  Now, go and disciple, as you have been, someone else.