Easy to use format so that anyone can disciple another.

The Won by One Bible Study Course (WBO) comes in an easy to use format which allows anyone to have the necessary tools to individually disciple another person. Having what you need translates into confidence for the first time discipler.

Bible studies with individuals are taught on a weekly basis, one hour a week.

WBO is designed in such a way that opportunities are given throughout the course for an individual to accept Christ as personal Savior.


Easily teach using questions and answers.

The WBO is divided into two sections: Basic Bible Doctrines, and Instructions for the Believer. If teaching someone who is unfamiliar with the Bible, then begin with the Basic Bible Doctrines.  If teaching a new believer or someone who accepts Christ while going through WBO, then use the Instructions for the Believer.

In teaching the lessons, the question and answer method is used. Reading the question provided in the book, the answer is supplied by looking up the Bible reference.  To see how each lesson contains Bible references which provide the answers to each question, click on the following image.Example of Q&A format. 

Ways To Use Won By One


  • In the local church--winning and discipling others.
  • In starting a church--reaching individuals for Christ through Bible studies.
  • On the foreign mission field--reaching the unsaved in starting a church or maturing an already established church.

--Missionary wives can teach WBO and have a very effective ministry.

--Language students can teach Bible Studies and develop their language skills while they are discipling individuals.

--Single lady missionaries can teach individuals in WBO and have very important ministries on the mission field.