History of Won By One Bible Study

WBO History



1975--The Start   

Won by One Bible Study was begun in Hong Kong in 1975 while Mel and Julie Lacock were serving as missionaries under the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. To reach the Chinese for Jesus Christ, Mel felt led of the Lord to use a method of teaching individuals one at a time.  

By visiting hundreds of homes in the resettlement buildings in Hong Kong, contacts were made, and Bible studies were held with many of these individuals. Mel began writing lessons for these Bible study sessions. The name Won by One seemed very appropriate for this type of ministry- won to the Lord by one individual. Ultimately, one person won to the Lord by One- the Holy Spirit Himself!


1977--First Printing

The Won by One Bible Study Course  (WBO) was printed first in Chinese and in English in 1977 in Hong Kong. In 1978 Tom Murray began printing WBO in Weyauwega, Wisconsin. Missionaries in many countries around the globe began using WBO to teach people about the Lord Jesus Christ. The material was translated into several languages.


2004--Revised WBO

In 2004 a revision of WBO was printed in Greenville, South Carolina. Updated and expanded, the latest version is now available as a spiral bound book.  


2005--Spanish version of WBO

2005 brought about the addition of a Spanish translation of the Won by One Bible Study Course as a help to reach the fastest growing minority group in the United States.  Uno por Uno . . . Won by One.


2017--Vietnamese version of WBO

2017 saw the addition of a Vietnamese version of  the Won By One Bible Study Course. Find it here.


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